Liat is a graduate of Shenkar College of Fashion Design. In the course of her years of work, Liat has adopted a design approach with an emphasis on the use of high quality materials, meticulous work and finishing. Liat's orientation is an elegant work, while maintaining simplicity and comfort in the design of the garment.

Liat designs wedding dresses with the desire to create a garment that will symbolize joy and love with a personal touch. The line of the bride's dresses is romantic and feminine with a Twist. The dresses are unique in handwork, embroidery, color and uncompromising quality of sewing and materials.

Liat's credo is: creating a unique dress while responding to the need of many brides to enjoy the process of choosing the dress and to be a partner in the design of the dress and its suitability to the nature of the event and the character of each bride. In Liat's words: "The brides who come to me are looking for something different, more personal, a dress that has not been worn by anyone else, and from the very first , was created especially for them and for their event."

The design process is also personal and unique: Liat meets with the bride in order to understand and listen to the wishes of each and what suits her. she utilizes the knowledge, skill and understanding of fashion processions in the field, from Israel and abroad and advises the bride on direction. in the end that process is what make the dress so unique and one of a kind.

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