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My beloved Liat,

That confident and light-as-feather feeling I had at my wedding is all thanks to you.
After looking in several places, I came to think that I could not find my dream dress but you've fulfilled my dream!

We were love at first sight, your talent showed right away and made every fitting-meeting an exciting and empowering experience.

You took my thoughts and translated them into shapes and fabrics, your high skills made my dreams a reality and together we created a dress that showed the best of both of us.
I enjoyed the entire process and fitting meetings, having you during preparations listening to me, to my needs and desires all along.
I love you! Thank you for everything!


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Liat made me feel like a bride in a way that was unique to me and was attentive and patient and just stunning! I would define the treatment I received as very personal and looked exactly the way I wanted.



Dearest Liat,

I didn't imagine how comfortable and confident I could feel in my wedding dress.

With your great taste and preciseness you tailor-made the perfect dress for me. Compliments did not stop all through the wedding and I felt wonderful thanks to you.

I appreciate every moment of patience, listening and understanding. Your work is precise and unique as you are in life!



Dear Liat, What an amazing process we went through together! I arrived at Liat's Poetique studio after a morning of desparation... How am I going to find myself a dreamy wedding dress when i׳m six months into pregnancy!!?

 Liat, with her kind, reassuring smile, immediately gave me the feeling that I'm home. The process of dress making is not less important and meaningful than wearing it on the day of the event. From the first moment it was clear that I was in the hands of a professional and that Liat is a tremendous and unique talent. Within minutes, a dress was fitted for me. And what a legendary dress... I never imagined I could feel so comfortable and confident at the same time. We went through the process together, making decisions along the way as needed. The dress was everything I hoped for, comfortable and cozy and prestigious-looking through the whole night.


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The amazing Liat! I was looking for a fair price wedding dress and found an amazing studio with a personal, professional attitude and precision in the smallest details. And all in a pleasant vibe and patience, after I entered the amazing studio I knew I had found the perfect place for me.


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From the first moment I met Liat and entered her stunning studio there was an immediate and simple connection that captivated me and that I have not experienced with any other designer. Her designs are simply beautiful and delicate, and exciting in the uncompromising quality of production and materials and attention to the smallest details, Liat's unique stamp and what makes her dresses the most special there is. The design process of the dress was amazing, I loved every time I came to the studio, Liat was attentive to every fantasy and request I had.

In conclusion I felt that Liat gave her all so that I would be exactly the bride I wanted to be, and so it was. I wish every bride Liat and this experience.


This magical moment ✨✨✨✨✨ _chayacf _snap

A crazy experience of designing a dress from scratch, a relationship with an experienced, creative and stunning designer who led an exciting process from choosing a fabric to assembling the dress of my dreams.

I wish every bride could experience it and get to know Liat up close. It was amazing and somehow also really calm and fun.



Liat is both wonderful and talented, she created for me the dress of my dreams!
The entire process was relaxed and fun and friends couldn't stop complementing and telling me how perfect and unique my dress was!



Liat my love.

Soon after starting my wedding-gown hunt i realized that something special (and apparently prestigious) like I was looking for, at an affordable price, is hard to find.
Lucky me, you showed up. A young designer, full of passion and true love for fashion and design.
Liat is patient and attentive, and at the same time does not give up her personal style, which makes every dress so perfect.
The most amazing thing is that every step was so much fun! I would throw a wedding again just to make me another dress .. And I found myself wearing two dresses at the end, because it was too difficult to choose just one.
Finally, the result was way beyond my expectations. As I told you throughout the whole process, I did not dare to dream so far.
There wasn't one guest who did not respond to the dresses, even people who only saw pictures!
So I'll stop talking, because it seems to me that the dresses definitely talk for themselves.
I will just wrap up with a huge thank you, keep making dreams come true and being so amazing in what you do.
Love you very much!




I first met Liat at the very beginning of my wedding-gown search and after visiting a couple of places it was clear to me that Liat is the perfect choice for me. Liat is charming and gentle and with her calmness I just fell in love.

No doubt this was one of my best choices, highly recommended!



Liat made the perfect dress for me! The price is very fair, the levels of attention to each and every detail are remarkable. Liat did not stop until we both found the result impeccable and all along she was patient and professional and the entire process was really pleasant.

The dress was very comfortable and I got so many compliments...

Yael. B


I first met Liat in the hallways of Shenkar College and immediately fell for her style, tenderness, sensitivity and talent. Liat, when you started your bridal studio i followed closely not even imagining one day I will walk into it as a bride-to-be!

I know I drove you crazy, "one dress, no two, no just one is enough..." and here we are, after a long way involving endless talking and listening, design, sewing, fitting, re-thinking, re-making and one magical wedding night.

You have created the perfect dress for me, dreamy and delicate and another one that just had my name written all over it...

In the first dress I felt like a princess and the second one I just didn't want to take off!!

All that's left is a big THANK YOU for being there, for being passionate, precise and for making my dream come true.

Wish that you continue making dreams come true - to others and to yourself. Love and appreciate everything you did for me. 



The second I stepped into the stunning studio in Ein Kerem and met Liat, I knew she was the one to make me the dress for the special day! Her variety of beautiful and high-quality fabrics selected carefully and wisely, the never-ending creativity and ideas, thought, and the precise work with fitting and details, the calmness and the pleasant process I made thanks to Liat during the meetings, just made it the perfect process!

And of course the endless compliments I received on my special night ... :)



Liati, you are a chraming being!

Thank you for the thrilling process of creating a dream together.

I couldn't have wished for a better connection with someone during those busy, exciting and nerve-breaking days of wedding-preparations.

You were my shoulder to lean on, you were my friend and my therapist and above all precise artist and gifted designer.

It was obvious and clear that you gave everything for this dress and I was the winner!

Thank you




You are simply charming and pleasant. The dressmaking process thanks to you, is leisurely done with so much fun but still in the most professional way.

You had a lot of patience with me even when I didn't..

Congratulations on the new studio, it is simply beautiful!



liat my love!

First of all thank you for fulfilling my dream and giving me one of the most beautiful moments in the world (just like on the red carpet in the Oscars), Thanks for the two gorgeous dresses you designed for me!
I enjoyed every meeting we had together, thank you for being hopelessly perfectionist, this is what makes your dresses absolutely perfect!

Good luck in the new place!